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    POC walkie talkie Solution

    For efficiency and safety in business world,  a communications solution without spectrum  and coverage limitation is needed. YANTON’s PoC system is the solution! PoC mean push-to-talk over cellular, it is running on the public cellular network to  provide communication without limitation of  spectrum and coverage. What is a PoC system? PoC system is YANTON’s own designed solution that uses VoIP technology over the  existing cellular/IP network to offer push-to-talk communication like a radio trunked system. It  provides simplex or duplex and one-to-one or one-to-many communications through a single,  multi-function device. Anywhere has cellular or WiFi, there is the coverage. By the SIP standard VoIP technology, PoC system can provide same service like a radio  trunked system over the cellular network or WiFi on internet, while the cost of infrastructure is  significantly much more economic. Broadband Digital Trunked Service Based Dispatching Users can enjoy the GPS information service dispatching  and management for PoC devices that support GPS.  Based on the application on a google map, the  dispatcher can make private call, group call, all call,  dynamic grouping, SMS, GPS tracking etc. Remote Monitor & Control ProChat PoC system is featured with remote monitor and remote control function, which enable the  manager to make more flexible control for the working groups and people. User can make monitor,  stun, disable and revive a radio wireless remotely.

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